Am kinda nervous, since this is my first post well I just want to share what i came across recently and it is just thought i should share with you:-
1)High quality cattle are taken to the city, tins containing corned beef of poor quality are brought back to the village.
2) A mother sells nutritious cassava flour, but her child attending secondary school prefers biscuits.
3) To buy milk powder, the father has to cut down rare wood grown thousand years and burn it into charcoal.
4) Precious bee wax is thrown away after honey is harvested. Shoe polish containing poor artificial wax is imported and sold at a high price.
5) Peanuts are exported to import cosmetics made of peanuts.
6) A malnourished child is looking forward to eating three eggs found in the hen’s den, but the father has sold them to buy a bottle of coke.
7) Cheap but precious palm oil is transported to the city and from there to Europe, where a particularly expensive soap is made from it. From there it is transported to Africa and sold at a price one can hardly afford, because it contains ‘Topical oil’.

[Marton Hirt & Bidanda M’pia, Natural Medicine in the Tropics [Winnenden Anamed: 1995] p.101



  1. wonderful sis,just opening it,its amazing sis.more grease to ur elbow,i am ur biggest fan so i hope to see more meaningful post,well done.bien cocido[well done] in spanish.

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