Malaria is a mosquito borne infectious disease of humans and other animals caused by parasitic protozoans (single called organisms called plasmodium) that thrives in the red cells of the victim.
Commonly, the disease is transmitted via a bite from an infected female Anopheles mosquito (so na female day cause am), which introduces the organisms from its saliva into the person’s circulatory system. In the blood, the protists travel to the liver to mature and reproduce. As the process continues so does the sickness spread.
-Chills and headache that come and go.
-Fever that recurs every 2 or 3 days, each lasting from 2-3 hours.
-Loss of Appetite.
-High temperature.
-Weakness, pale skin.

  Avoid mosquito bites
  Use mosquito nets when sleeping
  Keep the environment clean.

Natural Cure for Malaria


  Formula 1
Get a pot full of lemon grass and lime, boil and drink a cup twice a day. Children should take 1/4 of a glass cup twice a day.

Formula 2
Get some lemon grass
  25 limes
  2 unripe pawpaw
  2 unripe pineapple
  handful of garlic and ginger
Boil with water

Formula 3
Alstonei boneei
Common name – stool wood
Igbo  Egbu
Yoruba Arun, Awun
Recipe- Boil and allow it to stand for 24 hours
Dosage- 1/2 glass thrice daily for 7 days.

Formula 4
A. Lemon grass leaves
B. Orange peel
C. Leaves of Morinda lucida
English- Brimstone tree
Yoruba- Oruwo, Ewuro
Igbo- Eze-ogu , Njisi
  D. Water
Recipe: Bring an equal amount of A,B &C to boil in a medium sized pot for 40 minutes.
Dosage: 1glass thrice daily for 7 days


Formula 5
A. Ageratum conyzoides
English- Goat weed
Yoruba- Imi-eshu
Igbo- Akwukwo nwa Osi n’aka or ahenhea
Efik- Otiti
B. Water
Recipe: squeeze the leaves in water. Make it as concentrated as possible.
Dosage: 1glassful thrice daily for 5 days.
I would love to hear from you.
Please has  anybody tried other recipes that worked.


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