So over the weekend my personal person sent me this write-up, you would agree(or disagree) that this my pp is a GENIUS….Hope you enjoy reading it.

I really need your time and patience to go through this, just give me like 10 minute of you time.
Firstly, let me ask you the following questions:
1. Do you eat well?
2. What type of food do u eat?
3. Do u always take fruits as part of your meals?
4. How many kinds of fruits do u eat?
5. Do u take alcohol or smoke?
6. Don’t you live in polluted environments, polluted with industrial and vehicle fumes?
7. How do you manage ur physical and mental stress?
Am sure , you would be imagining why Αll these questions, I eat well after all I take fruits, but the truth is that research has shown that most of the food and fruits we take is this part of the world has antioxidants that are lower to what our bodies require.
You might be asking what is antioxidant and its usefulness?
Antioxidants are what protects our body from rigor of oxidation.
You will ask again what is oxidation? Does it take place in my body system?
Let me use these to explain OXIDATION to you.
1.Oxidation is when an iron rod rust ( it becomes brownish and losses vigor, it as a result of reaction of water and air, oxygen from our environment, but we prevent it from happening to our iron tools and iron materials by using antioxidants to coat these irons to prevent them from rusting.
This process also happen in living things, let us look at this, when you slice an apple, after sometime you see it turning brown on exposure to environment. What’s happening is that, the exposed cells are disintegrating (dieing) that’s why it looks brown or changes colour. In humans, we notice that when we have a cut on our skin, it first looks raw and fresh and as time goes on it becomes darken and begins to dry up, what is taking place is simply oxidation, the exposed cells die and new cells are formed beneath the dead cells. And old dead cells are scraped away.
This is just the manifestation of what happens within our body. In our body cells, cells dies and new ones replace the old dead cells. I know you will want to ask where do the dead ones go?
Please still hold that question ƒor me.
This process is natural and it happens continuously, 24/7 in our body. Oxidation process is what keeps our body healthy. To maintain this process in our body it is essential to have enough antioxidants in our body system. How does this antioxidant act? Remember the last question I asked i.e where do the dead cells in our body go.. These dead cells are called free radicals, they are FREE,in our system and if not properly  managed by the action of these antioxidants they are VERY detrimental to our health, causing disease conditions in our body, what these radicals do is that they bind with the healthy cells making them work ineffectively, some cause the wearing down of new cells that’s produced,others cause aging , some break some reaction chains in our body, leading to bad state of health. These radicals cause so many havocs in our body that I can’t start to mention now. Antioxidant is what fight against these radicals.
Apart from the normal body radicals. Smoking and taking alcohols, is very detrimental to our health because cigarettes and alcohols contains high elemental radicals which disintegrate our system, affects/ disintegrates our lungs lining cells, even the industrial smokes, vehicle smokes which we are all exposed to contain these detrimental radicals that we are talking about. You can see we are prone to loads of radicals , the normal ones from our body system and the categories of those that we take in from our environments from alcohols, smokes and other sources, that is why the level of antioxidants in our food and fruits we take are not enough. And our food lack some of these antioxidants for some of the radicals we are exposed to, this is one of the various reasons we need compositions that are made of fruits, vegetables, water and herbs that contains all these antioxidants our body system needs to maintain good health status.


In conclusion fruits and vegetables are easily accessble and affordable try living on a diet made of fruits and vegetables and grace the true Power of Nature. It balances the PH level of the, balances the body sugar and cholesterol level, mental focus, prevent against cardiovascular diseases, anti aging,weight management, immune system health,increases energy, enhances sound sleep as if you did not undergo any stress the previous day(anti stress), enhances vision,flushes the blood system,balances hormonal disorder, prevent and elimitate cancerous growth, and many more too numerous to mention. It is capable of all these because it is a formula that contains ALL the essential minerals and vitamins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, green super foods, phytonutrients containing botanicals necessary ƒσr our good health. It is what I call the GOOD HEALTH ALMIGHTY FORMULA.


Please don’t read this Alone share with Friends and Family for a society of healthy People.
Yeah I know my personal person is a genius.

Have a blissful week ahead.
And as always opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

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