Dry Cracked Feet


Scary isn’t it?
Do you suffer from cracked heels? I know its embarrassing but have been there(hides face). Seeking to cure that cracked, peeling feet/heel. Then you are at the right place. Heel fissures are found at the junction of two types of skin; the skin of the bottom of the foot and the skin of the side of the side of the foot.
Dry, cracked, scaly peeling feet or heel is caused by a number of things-
1) Lack of moisture is the number one culprit
2) Improper care of the feet
Well not everybody has the time or money for a pedicure.
3) Standing for too long
4) Wearing the wrong kind of footwear
5) Exposure to water
6) Being overweight funny right well its as a result of putting so much weight on your feet.
   Remedies/ Treatments
* Drink lots and lots of water beauty comes from the inside.
* Massage your feet with pure organic oils such as extra virgin olive oil, Coconut oil, whipped Sheabutter, even vaseline. Wear a pair of socks and go to bed.
* Soak your feet in a bucket of water with liquid soap for about 20 minutes. The dead cells would become loose and can be scrubbed off.
* You can make your own sugar scrub for cracked heels/feet by just mixing sugar and any type of oil. Apply on your feet and scrub your feet with it.
* Mix sodium bicarbonate(baking soda-you won’t believe all the amazing things you can use baking soda for) in lukewarm water and soak your feet in it. Wash off with a pumice stone.
* You can make an exfoliating scrub using honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and rice flour(grind the rice until it is almost smooth). Mix together and apply.

Just moisturize moisturize moisturize and dont forget to exfoliate those nasty dead cells.
Who says you have to rub a bank to be beautiful with the right kitchen ingredient you would definitely glow.

Has anyone tried other things that worked? Please feel free to share.
I love hearing from you.


4 thoughts on “Dry Cracked Feet

  1. I am using on my feet almost every time after washing,the mixture of glycerine,rose water and lemon juice.Take equal amount. and shake well.Can last 3-4wks.Even good for hands and face.

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