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Burns are like the major home accident lets take a look at their causes, types, symptoms and my favorite part home/ natural remedy.
Burns are injuries to the skin and underlying tissues. Skin damage resulting from burns can be minor or can present a life threatening emergency, depending on the heat’s intensity, the total area of tissues burned and the length of exposure to the skin.

Majority of burns are flame burns since they are caused by fire. Contact with flame can cause direct injury to the skin and tissue.
Damage to the skin caused by hot object is called Contact burn. In such an instance, the burn is confined to that part of the skin that came in contact with the hot object e.g iron, cigarette.
Sunburn involve damage to the skin caused by UV rays, emitted by the sun.
Electrical burn is caused by electricity. The burns are widely deep and may cause severe damage to the skin and its underlying tissues.
Chemical burn occur when in contact with flammable gases or chemicals. That are serious and it is advised you see a Doctor.

Classification of burns.


Burns are classified according to the depth and extent of injury.
Burn depth depends on the layer of the skin that is damaged. Symptoms depend on the depth of damage.
First- degree burns
Involve the outermost layer of the skin called the Epidermis and such burns are superficial.
Symptom– cause pain lasting up to 2-3 days followed by the peeling of the skin over the next few days. The part of the skin affected is usually red in colour with blisters.

Second- degree burn
It affects some of the underlying layers i.e the dermis and Epidermis. This type of burn is also called Partial thickness burn.
Symptoms- The part of the skin affected is Red. Blisters are the first sign. As the Epidermis is destroyed, it begins to separate from the dermis. Fluid builds beneath it, causing blisters. Eventually, the blisters will spread into one another until the very thin Epidermis falls away, exposing the raw dermis underneath.
The victim begins to loose fluid, heat and the ability to block infection.

Third-degree burns
The injury extends to all the layers of the skin. The Epidermis and dermis have both been destroyed.
Symptoms– The victim has the same trouble with fluid loss, heat loss and infection that come with second-degree burn.

Fourth-degree burns
The part of the skin affected is black and charred. It involves injuries to the muscle or bones.

Home/ Herbal Remedy
HONEY- is commonly used for burns. And the covering of burns with honey has been shown to produce less scaring. Raw honey has wonderful antiseptic and healing properties.
* Diluted Vinegar – cover the burn area with a cloth soaked in diluted vinegar. Refresh the vinegar compress as often as needed, especially if the pain becomes stronger.
* Alone vera- apply aloe vera gel directly to the burn. Its soothing and rejuvenating properties will help cool the burned skin. Fresh inner fillets is preferred. Fresh alone vera quickly soothes painful burns with little or no scaring.
* Diluted Lavender oil -is also known to reduce pain and also prevent scaring. Lavender oil is oil of the essential that can be used directly on the skin without dilution. Everything should be done in moderation.
* Potato peels- provide moisture and also has antibacterial properties that help in healing and getting rid of burn scar.
* Lemon and tomato juice– can also be used to lighten and eliminate scars and burns.

Please do consult your Doctor for burns in the third and fourth degrees. Not all burns can be treated at home.

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