Howdy! The weekend is here again and I just wanted to divulge a secret. Well am no busybody but for you people I would do anything. Today is about the ” diamond in the rough- well its none other than shea butter”. Growing up as a yoruba girl I don’t think I knew anything about shea butter because my parents and grandmas are what they call The Alakowes. So I was exposed to the beauty of shea butter when I got older and I wanna share them with you.


Shear butter aka ori (would get the other names in subsequent post) has been used by our ancestors for different things but it just became popular and get this we have The American Shea institute. Its no secret that most cosmetic company now use the contains Shea butter phrase to make more sales even though it makes just 2% of the total component. Enough of the stories.
Shea butter is a solid fatty oil made from the nuts of Shea karite trees scientific name is Vitellaria paradoxa and it was formerly called Butyrospermum parkii . It begin to bear fruit after about 15-25 years of being planted.


Traditionally, Shea butter is extracted by people who pick the nuts, crack them, grill them and pound them. Shea butter is a solid at room temperature although it quickly liquefies right around body temperature. Since Shea butter is an all natural, it can vary widely in quality, appearance and smell depending on where it is produced from and how it is refined or extracted. The colour ranges from yellowish, cream and white.
You know the funniest part majority Shea butter in the world comes from west Africa. Although a more softer & smoother variety from East Africa (Uganda) is beginning to appear in the market.
Shea butter has a natural smell, which is not unpleasant to most people. The smell of raw or lightly refined West Africa Shea is nutty. Over time the smell of Shea butter diminishes. If Shea butter has no smell, it is probably old.

Uses of Shea butter.
* For skin peeling
* Dry skin it is a good mousturizer
* Blemishes and wrinkles
* Relieves itching skin immediately
* Can be used as a sunscreen
* To heal small skin wound
* To heal skin crack
* Good for tough and rough skin
* Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
* Eczema (so many testimonies from people)
* To heal/ cure Acne… Yes you heard right
* It is even used to stimulate hair growth and to moisturize the hair
* To clear spots and black heads
* To even out skin tone
* Some people use it for cooking
* Used in the chocolate industry actually they make use of Shea butter exported.
* In Nigeria Shea butter is rubbed around the nostril for relief of sinus and congestion problems. Also the roots are used as cleansing sticks.
It can be used by young nd old and people from different races.

A post can’t do justice to the uses of Shea butter. Stay tuned for recipes to achieve the uses stated above.

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


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