So we talked about the uses and benefits of shear butter and I promised to follow up with some recipes for the treatment of Acne, Scars, stretchmark and for hair.

Shea butter for Acne.
I remember my cousin used to apply shea butter on his pimples, and I used to look are him like an alien. It was much later I saw the sense in what he did.
Shea butter has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which address the root of Acne problem i.e. Bacterial growth and inflammation in the skin.
First wash your face with a cleanser, specifically a salicylic acid cleanser that gives a deep cleansing effect. The idea is to eliminate congestion due to blocked pore and allow shea butter to get soaked up well. Then apply a coat of shea butter using a small sponge. Avoid using your fingers as oils and bacteria from your hand can move to your face to aggravate break outs. Leave the application undisturbed for about 8 hours (it is best to leave it overnight). Then wash it off using a cleanser. You are sure to notice a visible difference. Repeat the treatment about thrice a week. Or better still wash your face with a mild soap before sleeping and apply shea butter all over your face overnight and wash off in the morning.

For scar treatment.
Shea butter and cocoa butter can be used together or separately to lighten and eliminate scars. Just apply to the scar everyday after exploiting or cleansing the scar.

For stretch mark
Apply it to the stretch mark everyday and it will fade
Shea butter for hair .
Shea butter can be used as a pre-poo by applying it to your scalp and hair. Cover with a shower cap overnight and wash it out the next morning.
Shea butter can be used to seal in moisture and to do this your hair must be damp using water.


4 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT SHEA BUTTER (ORI)…2

  1. Ur post re always kul but is it compulsory d shea butter to be applied evri 8hrs or can it jst be applied 3tyms daily

    • You can use it 3 times a day without fussing about the 8 hours. But for best results its better to stick with every 8 hours i.e morning, afternoon & night. Thank you. Hope I answered your question.

  2. Pls I noticed dt wen ever I use shea butter on mai face instead of d normal cream I use in d monin, I do av rashes around mai eyes region most especiatially around d mouth and chin and also d pimples do increas in number pls is it normal? Or shd I still continue wif it or I shd stop? Thanks

    • Sorry about that. I have some quick questions that i want you to amswer
      are you the shea butter is raw or unrefined?
      how do you use?
      it might be that you have an allergy to shea butter i dont think i have ever read or heard about that before. it is not normal if it still persist discontinue using it. try and eliminate any unhealthy practices.

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