Hiya ! Its been a long time but starting from today I make a solemn promise to upload on time. So hope the holiday was interesting, well I enjoyed it. I want to share this info about a plant found in almost all household well almost and its uses that I had to plant one at home. So I would discuss some of the things I use Aloe vera for.
Aloe is the name given to a variety of perennials of the Liliaceae/Aloeaceae family. There are over 325 species in this genus. The west African Aloe, Aloe barteri and Aloe barbadensis also called Aloe Veranda are better known species. Aloe vera has been in much use from time immemorial. Among the Jewish people, Aloe vera was used as an ingredient for embalming.
Aloe vera , a native of southern and northern Africa, came to Greece in the 4th century BC, to China in the 10th century. Even though there are many species, they all have similar constituents, namely Anthraquinone, Glycosides, Aloin, Resin etc . Aloe vera is the most common species of Aloes found in Nigeria today. This species grow well in flowerpots. It needs a balanced measure of sunshine and water to survive. It does not grow very tall, (1-4 feet), is light green in color with white spots. The West African Aloe (Aloe barteri) has very broad, succulent leaves and bright red flowers, which can grow as high seven feet. Since Aloe grows quickly it should be planted in every compound. Aloe Vera produces at least 6 natural antiseptics, which are able to kill mold, bacteria, funguses and viruses.

*Suppressed Menstruation.
Aloe vera is an effective remedy for all forms of gynaecological problems, especially suppressed Menstruation. For the treatment of all these complaints, Aloe vera is prepared in the following ways:
A 4 leaves of Aloe Vera
B 1 beer bottle of honey
C 1/2 beer bottle of water
D 4 tablespoonfuls of dried, powdered ginger
Recipe : Mix B & C together and use to grind A. Then add D and mix together.
* To treat burns and minor cuts
* Reduce stings or itch of insect bites
* Antidote to allergic skin reactions.
* Prevent scaring and stretch mark
* Treat minor vaginal irritations
* To alleviate asthma by boiling leaves in a pan of water and breathe in the vapor.
* Replace creams and lotions as a gentle moisturizer for dry skin.
* Speed up hair growth by massaging Aloe onto the scalp, letting it at for 30 minutes and rinse.
* As face packs for oily skin
Oily skin is usually prone to acne and regularly applying this face packs can do wonders for your skin. Boil Aloe vera leaf with water and then grind into a paste. Now add a few drops of honey to this paste and apply it on your face. Rinse it off with cold water after 15 minutes.

As always comment and suggestions are welcomed. What unusual thing  have you used Aloe vera plant for. Have a wonderful week. Wednesday post on my mind maybe you could help me with topics.


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