Before I talk about about the best oil for cooking. I have a short story early last year I went to a family friends place on holiday and I was served a white beans by white beans I mean beans with little or no palm oil and I was like seriously beans without palm oil and guess what they told me they said palm oil has bad cholesterol and so not good for your health. To say I was shocked is putting it mildly I just ate the white beans and this situation got me thinking is Palm oil really bad for your health. Some people are of the opinion that it shouldn’t be added to our diet at all and that’s only good for making soap.  Am not a dietician or naythiong but what I know is that our forefathers used palm oil as an antidote to pisons and for body itch.

Well lets get down to business is palm oil really bad. Remember the best oils for cooking

1 coconut oil

This oil is just natures gold like seriously it has a lot of use. It can withstand some seriously high heat making it a go to oil when frying. And while it has high amount of saturated fat oil has been tentatively linked to overall reductions in  blood lipid contant..

2 Olive oil

Olive oil is best known for its heart healthy effects and is believed to be a key reason for health benefits of the mediterranean diet. It can raise HDL (the good) cholesterol and lower the amount of oxidized LDL cholesterol circulating in the blood stream. The fatty acid in olive oil are mostly monosaturated. This makes them inferior for cooking compared to highly saturated fats like coconut oil. Studies show that despite the double bonds it contains, you can still use it for cooking as long as you don’t use very high heat. Make sure you choose extra virgin olive oil it contains more nutrients.

3 palm oil

Palm oil is derived from oil palms. It consists mostly of monosaturated fats and saturated fats with small amount sof polyunsaturates. This makes it a good cooking oil. Red palm oil is best. It is rich in Vitamins E, coenzymes Q10 and other nutrients. See I was right and our forefathers were also right and it is readily available. Some people (mostly americans) believe that it is bad and now convince people not to buy palm oil because the cultivation of the plant leads to deforestation. Like other oils are grown on trees in  the forest.


Oils to avoid

Soybean oil

Corn oil

Canola oil

Rapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil

safflower oil

Industrial seeds and vegetable oils which is majorly used by almost all Nigerians are highly processed and refined and contain a rich amount of omega 6 fatty acids. In my opinion they should be avoided and in a country like Nigeria where anything goes the authenticity of these so called vegetable oils are in doubt.


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