For a little over two weeks now I have not used toothpaste. what have i been using you might ask well my roomate  gifted me with seewak from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it does a good job of keeping my mouth. Am not sure if i want to phase good old toothpaste out of my dental practice but am just going with the flow. my roommate wanted pearly white teeth and so started using baking soda and hydogen peroxide and it seems to be working for her.WHY SHOULD I USE NATURAL TOOTHPASTE?

Well why shouldn’t you. Just kidding lol.

Here are some ingredients in toothpaste that draws attention

Fluoride. While fluoride is supposedly the ingredient that prevents cavities, it doesn’t do that job very well and can actually be very toxic to the body. In fact, if you suffer from acne outbreaks around the mouth and chin area, fluoride toothpaste may be the cause.

Titanium dioxide. There are some concerns that titanium dioxide is carcinogenic. It can be absorbed by your body through the mouth when used even though it is pea sized in toothpaste.

Glycerin. This is found in almost every toothpaste on the market (even the natural ones).But it can also leave a coating on your teeth that prevents them from remineralizing.

Sodium lauryl sulfate. It gives you the foamy cleaning action we all expect from toothpaste, but sodium lauryl sulfate is also a strong chemical surfactant that doesn’t belong in our bodies.

without much ado the natural alternatives


How much more natural can you get than brushing your teeth with salt from the sea? It’s easy, too: just dab your toothbrush in sea salt and brush away as usual.


this has got to be one of the most popular toothpaste alternatives. Like sea salt, you can just dip your toothbrush in baking soda and brush like normal. Or you can dissolve it in water first and use the brine for brushing.


Hydrogen peroxide is known for keeping teeth clean and white, and many people use it instead of toothpaste.  “Dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and then in a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and fine sea salt


Herbal tooth powders can be used in place of toothpaste. They do a good job of cleaning, and the herbal ingredients can also help ease inflammation, pain and infection throughout the mouth. Like JIm herbal tooth powder.


Coconut oil is another great natural toothpaste alternative. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties come in handy for mouth cleaning. Coconut oil can be used alone and combined with other ingredients listed here (like baking soda and essential oils)


basically you swish about one tablespoon of oil (I use coconut oil) for several minutes. Then brush with plain water or use one of the methods listed above. Trust me, your teeth have never felt this clean!

All of the natural alternatives also whitens the teeth. in a later post we would talk about how to use them specifically to whiten the teeth.




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