Have you ever been in a situation in which you know what you want but you can’t just find the time in your crazy world of meeting deadlines, attending classes, reading and everything. Taking a break is really important so that you come back feeling energized I tell you it’s not easy blogging o. it takes consistency which sometimes feel I don’t have but I know I can do it. As the semester is coming to an end in school I try not to over burden myself because I have a lot of things going on. So I have decided to create new posts every Wednesday and inspirational tips/quotes to kick start your week on Mondays. I hope you people can hold me accountable. Exams are fast approaching. Am back from my compulsory holiday. You can check out blog.sizzelle.com as I talk about healthy hair and share tips about my healthy hair journey. Watch out for my internship-new experience series and my experiences trying to stay organic and natural.



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